Racing the Hand

My fantasy short story Racing the Hand is featured today on The Book Times. It is the story of a twelve year old orphan providing for his siblings by being a ‘runner’ in the rough streets of The Hand. Fast paced and fun.

Give it a read a let me know what you think!


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5 responses to “Racing the Hand

  1. I think you’ve posted part of this before – I remember Granny. It’s an exciting story, but has the feel of part of a novel. Do you intend to write any more about this intriguing character?

    • I did post an excerpt for one of Victoria’s prompts. The setting is the same as the full length piece I am working on and many of the characters will be recurring as well. I do like Dillon, and Granny Fish. Pretty sure they will be around again.

  2. Yay! Awesome, Mark. Congratulations! I’ll get over to read it tonight!

  3. Had trouble logging in over yonder, but wanted to say I really enjoyed this. Very engaging!

  4. Reblogged this on Creative Musings of Ledia Runnels and commented:
    A fellow blogger’s short story…

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