In the coda of life —
amidst the aches
of old bones and the
grasping at abstract
memories —
was when he marveled
most at their differences.

She was his opposite,
an exquisite creation —
an ethereal origami with
spangling decoration —
he was rarely able to
fully appreciate, like a
shimmy of an image on
which he could not focus.

He was more rough,
enjoying the cacophony of
excessive night life —
falling victim to the dragon
that caused his liver to ferment —
and wilder exploits.

It was a wonder to him still,
she had never shelved him,
always took him back,
was here at the end to hold
his hand.







Happy one year anniversary to The Sunday Whirl!


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13 responses to “True

  1. Shawna

    Here you go with the sweet poetry again. 😉

  2. Emotional wordling, a beautiful use of the wordle words, and a bittersweet ending.

  3. Very nice. Good use of dashes. Tight construction. Focused story. Yep, very nice.

  4. Really excellent wordling! You managed to use the words to tell a VERY touching story. Bravo.

  5. This is sad, and sweet, and words beautifully woven in. I especially love:
    “ethereal origami.” 🙂

  6. Like the story you have woven out of a rather strange list of words. Your opening pulls the reader in and then you keep her there with these bits of a tale between dashes. Very satisfying.


  7. Mark, a fascinating story. I like how you open with “In the coda of life”. I guess opposites do attract – and stay together. I like that “wonder” at the end.


  8. Beautifully penned contrasts here Mark; I think you’ve limned some light and dark for us this week. I’m with Richard also in that I like the “wonder” at the end too. You do have a way with words man.

  9. I can see a slightly different relationship – daughter with father.
    Those warts that we find as we age, yet forgive just because we are Daddy’s little girl…
    My little girl is here (enjoy if and when you are able):

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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