The Price of an Education

In 2001 the Taliban were toppled,
no longer ruling in Kabul.
Women were allowed to show
their faces in public, girls permitted
to attend school.

The Director of Education
for Kandahar Province is
assassinated, spring of 2008,
seventy teachers share his fate.

Afghanistan, 2009 — a school
for girls is attacked with
Malathion gas, a protest
against the practice of
letting them learn.

Fifteen girls are attacked
on the way to class, sprayed
in the face with acid. Scarred for
life, punished for daring an

Spring of 2012, the drinking water
at a high school is poisoned,
hospitalizing over 150 girls.
Attempted murder the price
paid for attending school.

No one arrested, no one assigning
blame, fearing additional retribution.
Eleven years does not bring
much change to a centuries old
practice of repression.

 ** I am not certain this qualifies as poetry, but it is tragic. The facts are all taken from multiple news reports.**


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4 responses to “The Price of an Education

  1. Thank you, Mark, for putting this together – it might not be poetry, but it surely demonstrates again the power of the angry pen.

  2. Sad, sad, sad. This stuff makes me ill. Poetry or not, it was a write worthy of experiencing the pen.

  3. leahJlynn

    sad and informational, very brave write for you. Thanks for the #awareness

  4. I would call it poetry, as it strikes the heart in so few words. The whole situation leaves me hurting and speechless.

    Well done, Mark. I wish it was one that never needed writing.

    Marie Elena

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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