A poet must leave traces of his passage, not proof.

Rene Char


Euclid taught me that without assumptions there is no proof. Therefore, in any argument, examine the assumptions.

E. T. Bell


The overriding morality

of our time is Proof –

or the lack thereof.


Proof of God, evolution, innocence, life,

the big bang theory, creation, intent.


Proof of guilt, self-defense, hate crime,

citizenship, terrorism, intentions, WMDs.


Proof of the Holocaust, Exodus, reincarnation,

life, death, life after death, ghosts, demons.


Proof of Big Foot, alien life, alien visitation, identity

ghosts, citizenship, dolphin intelligence, good intentions.


Proof of love with a single rose,

a kiss and a poem. Proof of magic

in a child’s smile, of wonder in the

northern lights, of imagination on

the shore and ecstasy in your arms,

forever in your eyes.


There are things that need proof,

and others requiring faith, and

there should be room for both.



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27 responses to “Proof

  1. Written for and posted to Tripping the Cosmos prompt.

  2. I liked this very much. It got to me. Well done!

  3. i def agree there should be room for both…and i def see the magic in a childs eyes…and love it is def there if you find it…smiles….nice take mark…

  4. I like it, Mark. Terrific thoughts, and leaves one to ponder. Makes me wonder what the realtionship between proof and truth might be.

  5. Very thought provoking, indeed.

  6. Nice, I try to leave room for both.

  7. Excellent.
    And thanks for the quotes; I can use them for a project in my works!

  8. Indeed, Mark. Room for both. Nice.

  9. hedgewitch

    Sometimes the more you question, the fewer answers you get. You nailed the anal and compulsive fascination we seem to have, particulally in the media, for fixating on the microscopic absolutes and missing the macro, the intent, the reality behind the assumption.

  10. Intriguing – you make us take out each theory, shake it and turn it on its head. Your last stanza could stand alone as a poem.

  11. I think finding that love and knowledge must balance each other in their struggle is one of the most important skills we can cultivate. In my mind, science will never explain love; we know what love is when we find it, but explaining it has proven the bane of science and the province of the poets for so long, and rightly so it appears.

  12. I like the way that you use “Proof” as an insistent refrain, coming down to the final balance of intellect and emotion.

  13. Intelligently written and with heart. I’m a fan

  14. The point is excellently made that needs making far more often. A great write.

  15. poemsofhateandhope

    mark- there should indeed be room for both….this also made me think…what IS proof?…when all we have is our individual perceptions, rules, and codes built on someone elses scientific theory…this had great flow to it, i liked the repeetetion of proof- absolutely hammered home the message

  16. i agree..there should be room for both..really like how you’re playing off the quotes here…esp. loved the first one

  17. Oh yes to most of these.
    But faith is proof out of self-defence.
    For without it we might perish.

  18. EJ

    I really like this. And I like how you went directly from proof of intent to proof of guilt. Something speaks volumes in that break.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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