Life of Words – a Ghazal (I think)

She began as mine, an idea possibly absurd,
reality blurred with the utterance of but a word.

A reader traces a love line across my palm,
a path of passion stirred by three words.

Strength of emotion defines a clear course to
the altar where all heard her whisper two words.

Age and time refine the meaning of marriage —
mistakes, tests, forgiveness for harsh words.

A result of divine design, closer over time,
the sole inspiration for these awakened words.

For his Reverie Fourteen, Joseph Harker offers up another challenging prompt: the ghazal. A form I have never heard of (no real surprise there, with my limited knowledge, i have not heard of most of the forms he supplies) that offers multiple challenges, and challenge is good. Read Joseph’s post for all the info on the ghazal and give it a go. I shall at least say I tried.



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7 responses to “Life of Words – a Ghazal (I think)

  1. Fellow-feeling for your puzzlement: I only tried once to write a ghazal, and once was enough. That said, your poem does you credit!

  2. EJ

    Ooh I like this, and you were even able to add your pen name in the last line 🙂 (i couldn’t figure out where to fit mine in, maybe next time)

  3. Shawna

    This is beautiful. Again, happy anniversary to you both. 🙂 Ours is this week.

    Today’s words are up, and I gave you a very special word: “undertaker” LOL

  4. LOVE “for these awakened words.” So much.

    • PS: I do think you’ve technically followed the “rules” here…the more modern Ghazals all have a bit more rhyme in the last line before the refrain word, but I think that’s optional. Joseph or somebody more well in-FORMed would know more than me. But I think this is a lovely poem, a great attempt, and certainly a great start for doing this again sometime. 🙂

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