No Greater Fear – dVerse Poets ‘Nightmare’ Prompt

no sense of
taking steps
as I am
down the aisle
merely watch as pews
pass peripherally
like effects from
a 3D movie
black attired bodies
glance at me
with blank faces
as I pass
no features
only tears
I stop at the
three open-lidded
boxes waiting
against the wall
releasing a pent up
as I see the
faces within


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14 responses to “No Greater Fear – dVerse Poets ‘Nightmare’ Prompt

  1. A piece I would just as soon not written. But, for me, there can be no nightmare more terrifying.

  2. tashtoo

    Ugg! I felt better after writing mine…a wicked dream that literally changed the course of my life…this I think would do the same. Scary stuff, Mark…do I have to add, you aced it?

  3. hedgewitch

    Indeed, Mark–none could ever be. Terse, tight and terrifying.

  4. Excellent write, Mark. Really tense and the ending screams!

  5. The unique thing about this poem is that there is not one coffin at the end, which most people would write about, but three; and it is that detail – why three? – that makes the ending more terrifying.

  6. woah- that ending. This was pretty brutal Mark. The clever thing is that it keeps us guessing…who was in those coffins? I shudder to think…the economy of words here made this jarring and tumble as I read it, all strengthening the hammer fall at the end

  7. The boxes themselves evoke the fear that perhaps only death can inspire. Being dragged along like that is terrible, pulled into an unknown that will mark an end to all we know. This poem evokes the dream images so well, very faithfully rendered, I think, and therefore that much more powerful.

  8. and you leave it open for us to fill the boxes with our own faces…for me the small box, overflowing with the body of the baby…that is the one that has me screaming…

  9. Shawna

    Excellent piece, Mark. The clipped lines were very effective: life cut short, family stolen, you forced down the aisle to be a witness. That has always been my greatest waking nightmare as well: something happening to my family.

  10. Excellent writing Mark, and a nightmare for sure. I’d only need 2 boxes to get the same effect.

    PS – thanks for visiting over at my place.

  11. do you see your dreams like a 3D movies? like a hologram?

    semantic feeling

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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