A Regular Caller

This is a work in progress to go with Victoria Slotto’s prompt for a ‘second person’ piece. It is still somewhat rough (and admittedly somewhat trite/overdone in theme/subject) and in need of further revision. Once again, I also find myself thinking I have tried to force a prose piece into a poetic format. Would love your feedback, thanks.


Ah, my longtime companion.

It is terribly comforting to receive you again,

though, honestly, I cannot say you are welcome.

I have been waiting, expecting you,

who, more than any,

I can always depend on.


Excuse me a moment, you know my routine.

I force myself to await your arrival before

preparing my cocktail; imbibing too soon

impedes your visitation, yet, I am no longer

strong enough to entertain you unaided.


Now, lets us commune while there is time;

reveal to me your depths of discernment.

Share with me in that brutal, universal style,

personalized for me alone to understand,

challenged to cull what I seek through

assaulted senses and besieged thoughts.


Lamentably, our time comes to a close;

I fear you drift away too soon.

I will apprehensively anticipate your return,

for you, that I covet but dare not love,

are what I must remember is real, not this

numbness that curtails our intercourse.


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6 responses to “A Regular Caller

  1. I think it’s great…taking short fiction and converting it to poetry has worked for me in the past and, clearly, it works in this. I’m dying to know the backstory on this…my imagination is having a great time with it. Thanks for joining, Mark.

  2. Of course! I try to ignore mine. :0) Hard to do, though.

  3. Wow! Not even a trace of “aww.. forget it. It never bothered me a bit.”

  4. covet but dare not love -> words of someone hurt, terribly


  5. That’s too much talk and not enough time for action haha! but wonderful romantic words love ya sorry there must be another full moon coming soon!.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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