Master Mechanic

Go ahead, work your magic,
those little tweaks and adjustments —
make it bend to your will,
obey your every command.
It should be easier this time;
I’ve put a zipper in my chest
to give you better access.
You will not have to use
the jagged knife
like the last time you
tinkered with my heart.

Witten for The Mag Photo Prompt.


Filed under Poetry, Poetry - Prompts

12 responses to “Master Mechanic

  1. dang….vicious man….the jagged knife last time…and installed a zipper…cause you knew it was coming right?

  2. I’m sure this is a deep metaphor: writing a poem? Falling in love? Whatever it is, it hurts.

  3. I like that zipper in the chest line very much.


  4. Vivid imagery that matches the photo.

  5. Bill Jango

    Mary Shelly eat your heart out !

  6. Tess Kincaid

    The installed zipper…oh!

  7. Helen

    One of my favorites this week …….

  8. Shawna

    The zipper was a nice touch. 🙂

  9. Oh that is vivid and so good. That played a part in my previous life (before marriage to the right person)

  10. Oh, if only nature had always been that obliging!

  11. the zipper image, as the others have been saying, is great … as is the rest … interesting take on this unusual pic … also like the jagged knife bit

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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