In The Mist

dVerse Poets asks us for a fairy tale today. ‘Happily ever after’ I do not do very well. So how about a tale with fairies in it? A revision of an older piece that was originally done as an experiment in prose poetry; still thinking it fits that form better. See what you think.

In The Mists

The pixies, sprites and nymphs made

their way cautiously through the forest.

The mist were thick and clinging,

like pushing through diaphanous spider webs.

The full moon above the canopy provided little light,

the dark being protective of its domain.


They enter the clearing as the mists diminish,

pausing to survey the scene of carnage,

the air rank with the smell of rage and death.

Three hulking corpses were steaming on the ground,

wolf-like, savage; none being touched by the moonlight

leaking through the trees, as if they were repelled by it,

even in death.


On his knees at the edge of the clearing,

illuminated by a rapidly failing glow was

the victor of this mayhem and summoner of the fairies;

man-like, but larger, gore stained white sword in his hand.

He was gravely wounded with gashes across his chest,

savage bites on each arm, one wing bent and broken;

the other curled protectively around the naked

infant cradled in his left arm.


The fairies move closer to fulfill their call and

take possession of the child, who begins to

wake and squirm as the glow fades and the

last of the Angel’s blood falls upon its chest.




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15 responses to “In The Mist

  1. dang laurie..what a story… esp. the last two stanzas i found extremely powerful..the wing curled protectively around the naked infant in his arm…gave me shivers..awesome

  2. oh my goodness… i mean mark of course…it’s already close to midnight over here…ugh…i should go to bed…haha

  3. wow…really nice story telling and imagery…love that it was the guardian angel in the end…and that he gave all for the child…a magical tale man…i think honestly i would go prose and expand on it a bit…but glad you shared it…it def fits….

  4. This was an engaging story well told, thank you.

  5. hedgewitch

    Descriptive language and strong narrative–if this is the whole tale, I think it works well as a poem–it could even be shorter, but if there’s more to be said, I agree with brian, expand the tale and do a short fiction piece with it–it’s got a lot going for it. Enjoyed it much, Mark.

  6. Shawna

    Now this is heroic sacrifice:

    “savage bites on each arm, one wing bent and broken;
    the other curled protectively around the naked
    infant cradled in his left arm”

    “last of the Angel’s blood falls upon its chest”

    Just beautiful, Mark.

  7. This is actually rather frightening, and I agree with Brian that it might be better written as prose fiction, although you have some very poetic images here. Not a children’s fairy story, but maybe an adult allegory?

  8. Beautiful! Just really well done.

  9. enjoyed this thoroughly…
    went back to read again and loved the rich imagery and power of the fight.
    Great story… made me want more.

  10. you describe all the scenes very vividly

    once upon a polar bear

  11. Can I have more? I want more! Make it more! More! Mark, this is just breathtaking!

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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