A Classic Fairytale

She flowed through the door
0n the heels of a spring breeze,
the sun following her
like a devoted admirer.
An entrance worthy of movies.

It was the first time he
had seen her this way.
Until now, she had always
been dressed in the
lets-hang-out-and-be-friends attire.

He was too baffled to move;
a simple sundress showing
features never noticed (low whistle escapes).
Hair down, framing elegant cheekbones,
flashing smile and sultry eyes.

A jealous heat rises as he
notices others looking. This will
require him to negate years
of we’re-just-friends inclinations.
A worthwhile challenge to accept.

Written for Three Word Wednesday and Poetic Asides.



Filed under Poetry, Poetry - Prompts

7 responses to “A Classic Fairytale

  1. funny how that can sneak up on friends.great story told in this poem.

  2. Oh, this is adorable! Makes me think of that song with the girl in sneakers… Taylor Swift, You Belong to Me. Are men really so blind?

  3. Amazing what a little TLC can do… nice capture

  4. This is smartly written, with imagery and emotion both familiar and uniquely parsed. Well done.

  5. Sometimes we can’t see what’s right before our eyes.

  6. Looks like this guy’s really hooked!

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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