Blurred Vision










Even when she was close,
he could never quite grasp
the depths of her beauty;
frayed at the edges,
slightly out of focus.
It was worse when
he watched her leave,
a blurred vision fading
into the distance.


Written for The Mag photo prompt.



Filed under Poetry, Poetry - Prompts

19 responses to “Blurred Vision

  1. Bittersweet…beautiful…

  2. DCW

    Much said very simply. I like this.

  3. kay

    simply beautiful…..

  4. Brilliant encapsulation – to convey so much in so few words.

  5. Helen

    So sad watching someone you love leave … beautiful words!

  6. As much as i dont like to see someone leave, i also dont want people to see me leave… Never want people taking me to the airport.

    Love it!.


  7. I think your response to the prompt is evocative, and your phrasing is well crafted. Nice work, Mark. Thanks. =D

  8. I really like this; the melancholic feel, the whole well-crafted tenor of the piece. Very nice

  9. Kutamun

    Yeah love this third view

  10. Kutamun

    Yeah love this third view
    ( third eye view)

  11. You know, you accomplish a lot with this
    piece, conveying the mystery that are all
    women for men, bittersweet love and
    recall, dreams out of focus, farewells
    always painful; love it.

  12. i really like what you have written here….very nice

  13. This is, in so few words, beautiful and haunting, a promise and a regret. NIcely crafted my friend.

  14. it just gets worse and worse, before they leave after they leave…very much after…and then one day it all goes away

    depth of field

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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