Watching Her Dance – A Triolet

She dances in puddles of moonlight,
while I hide in the trees with desire
for this elusive creature of the night.

She dances in puddles of moonlight
with faint smile of freedom and delight,
a vision to summon an Angel choir.

She Dances in puddles of moonlight,
while I hide in the trees with desire.

Dance of the Nymphs

Dance of the Nymph. Image via Wikipedia

dVerse Poets gives us the Triolet for our Thursday From prompt. A deceptively difficult poem to accomplish. I have also overused one of the main phrases in the piece today, either I really like it or am sorely suffering for creativity today. Maybe some combination. Go here for a previous attempt at the Triolet.



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18 responses to “Watching Her Dance – A Triolet

  1. nice..the hiding in trees and watch her the dancing in moonlight puddles…has something from the spotlight on a stage…but much more romantic and magical..

  2. This proves that you don’t need reams of words to get a good thought across.

  3. so much drama set up in this!!!

  4. Shawna

    I just love this line and its imagery, as if the words themselves are nymphs beckoning: “She dances in puddles of moonlight”

  5. I do like this and find it understatedly seductively romantic!

  6. I like this, and the repetition does it for me, really moves the emotions to another level.

  7. nice…you aced this…and those stolen glances, watching her in her revelrie…i like that…and could see it …smiles.

  8. The repetition is what makes the triolet such an effective piece.

  9. Gorgeous, Mark. You make this feel effortless, like any dance should. Nice work.

  10. adore the thoughts of “puddles of moonlight” fantastic imagery and wonderful triolet! ~ Rose

  11. really interesting how different the 3-3-2 arrangement feels vs. the 4-4 lines
    and nymphs !

    thanks Mark

    Peace ☮

  12. Here you have done it! Captured the music and the dance, the rhythm, the emotion and the flow. I happily love it!

  13. “A vision to summon an angel choir,” lovely. This is a sweet form, given to romantic notions, and you came through with a winner. Glad you stopped by my blog, so I could read this! Peace, Amy

  14. So much in just 8 lines; joy, sensuality, romance, earthiness, even a hint of something a little sinister. Very nice writing.

  15. Lusty, wistful, lovely, this piece really
    shakes the butt bells on a gypsy dancer;
    maybe because I am screening LATCHO
    DROM tonight; like your use of the form.

  16. This is lovely Mark … further enhanced by the artwork … you’ve done the triolet so masterfully with so few words, impressive.

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