She stared at me briefly before finishing her latte and standing. Words had disappeared like the steam from my cup, no point in her waiting. We had agreed that separation was the only good decision. I studied the stains on the table, needing more strength to watch her leave. Shadows grew like phantoms in the coffee shop before I could follow. Later, puddles of moonlight and scotch will be my only companions.


Process notes: Combined two prompt concepts her in another bit of experimentation. Poets United had some great images (Such as the one above by FallingToPieces)  to accompany a ‘moom’ theme. Victoria Slotto has an interesting prompt to use the American Sentence of Alan Ginsberg fame. I did not give it great justice in how I used it. I believe he intended it, much like the Haiku, to be a complete independent thought. While some of the ones I used could fit that, they are not really whole without the rest of the piece. Also, giving the prose poem another shot.

Neither prompt is well represented, but please check out the other efforts at both sites; bound to be some good work there. As always, I would love your feedback as to worked with this and what did not.


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6 responses to “Regrets

  1. I respectfully disagree….for me the syllabic flow of this creates a poetic effect that works very well with the subject. So, each sentence isn’t an independent thought! I doubt Ginsberg will come back from the other side to chide you! :0)

  2. I went back for a reread, and each sentence could stand alone. Depending on your purpose, you could even give each one its own line. In any case, glad you joined us.

    • That could create an interesting effect, especially with how I like to play with line breaks, spacing, etc. Love the input, thank you again. Going to have to play more with the American Sentence.

  3. This was an interesting exercise. My views on the merits of the form are wavering, but you have done well with the form.

  4. I love your words, and agree with Victoria that they could easily stand each line on their own with the same or greater impact. Very strong stuff…and good too.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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