Let Them Play

Boundless in enthusiasm,
limitless in curiosity,
never a deviant thought
or desire to bring harm.
To the child’s mind no
detail is ever trivial,
no creature too
minuscule for amazement.
Do they outgrow this joy
at what the world offers,
or simply get stifled by
our indifference and
overprotective boundries?

Finding bugs

Finding bugs (Photo credit: juhansonin)








Written for Three Word Wednesday (deviant, minuscule, trivial) and the Poetry Jam prompt for ‘limits’.


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14 responses to “Let Them Play

  1. That little world of little people is so precious, let’s not spoil it for them.

  2. that is exactly why i do what i do…i love hanging around with kids…

  3. I once wrote about doodle bugs…and a snail….and I knew what they were because I was a child once…for a very short time..I was


    Peace ☮

  4. aw the mind of child is a wonderous thing.

  5. So true of the little ones. We can’t waste a moment with them as they grow up so quickly. This piece is very sweet.

  6. Rinkly Rimes

    The lovely innocence of a small child. It seems to last for less and less time in this modern age.

  7. You describe one of the truly wonderful things about young children. The luckiest of us even retain a measure of it. Thank for a lovely write.

  8. I really like the way you captured the beauty in the simplicity of child’s play. I like the way you captured, in a question, the chasm that exists between adults and children.

  9. Janaki Nagaraj

    Lovely…childhood revisited.

  10. I think there is a fine line between being over-protective and allowing children to test the limits, stretch themselves, discover themselves! We just have to find a way to keep children CREATING! Nice write for Poetry Jam. Here’s mine:


  11. Shawna

    Hmmmm, thought-provoking ending for parents.

  12. I love this, and as I listen to the ‘movie’ my guy is making with his Lego, and with the dogs for an audience, I’m going to promise to protect his right to wonder, and love him for it all the more!

  13. I have seen parents who are way too overprotective that they stifle their children’s enthusiasm. Children should be encourage to explore the world with all the energy that they have ~
    My share:

  14. I know I haven’t outgrown my child-like joy at twenty-four. Or maybe I found it again. Hmm.

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