Wheel of Fortune

Adele Kenny posted a prompt today focusing on Blessings and Luck. Unfortunately(?), I found myself much more focused on the Burnes-Jones painting she used. Let me know your thoughts on the piece. It starts with the painting focus and ends up falling into sentimentality. I am tempted to just stop after the first stanza, maybe keep the second. Let me know what you think.

Trusting the Wheel

I have decided against the
policy of casting lots with life,
a result of maturity I suppose.
I now prefer a plan rather than
trust to the wheel of fortune,
it being an uncaring device —
its mistress often a fickle bitch,
uncaring as to whether she crushes
slave or king beneath her toy
and only amused by the poet,
unconcerned as to his fate.

I shall avoid the fortune tellers,
charlatans at best, seeking nothing
more than their own fortune —
palm readers of worth would only
turn me away when faced with the
motley collection of the lines of my life.

No, I shall not trust to chance,
throwing the bones or reading cards.
Rather, I will hug my kids each night,
kiss my wife every morning and do the
best I can while giving thanks for these
incredible blessings.


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Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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