Cast of Thousands Reverie

The Reverie by Joseph Harker for the week involves character development. Check it out and play along, always challenging prompts from Joseph. This is only my second actual attempt, that I will admit to anyway. Feedback is great; let me know what you think.


Life of the Party

The peacock at every party,
sporting the well sprayed ponytail,
pants too tight, cologne overdone.
First on the dance floor, last one off,
full of gin, vanity, viagra and vitamins.
Narcissistic enough to miss the
difference in being laughed with, or at.
Drinking alone at every last call,
the strut no longer impresses when
the plumage is all monochrome.




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3 responses to “Cast of Thousands Reverie

  1. I’ll bet that peacock was a Leo ! Great poem Mark !

  2. The “gin, vanity, Viagra and vitamins” really stood out (not just because of the alliteration) as a summation of the whole thing. I think it’s because they’re totally opposite ends of a four-pointed spectrum. Gin for self-destruction; vanity from self-preservation. Viagra for self-confidence; vitamins for self-help. I love that one person can be so much conflict all ribboned up together

    That ponytail, though. Ugh. That has to go. 🙂

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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