Tired of IT – A RANT

Excuse me sir. Can you
tell me how I got here?
No, I don’t mean ‘here’
this physical spot. I mean
‘HERE’, this place in my life.

No? Of course not.
You know why?
Because you don’t
KNOW ME. We have never
met before this minute.
You don’t know my story,
or the place of my birth,
where or how I was raised.
You have never been in my
home or eaten at my table.
You DON”T KNOW how
I treat my wife or love
my kids or respect my elders.

You have no idea about my work
ethic or how I do my job. BUT, I will
tell you this — so that you will know —
I did not get here on your back or
anyone else’s; I did not step on your
toes or cut you off or treat you poorly.
I did not steal from you or take food
from your mouth or harm your family.

I have WORKED my ASS off to get
HERE! THAT is a good part of what
I do and who I am.

No sir. You do NOT know me. So,
do not JUDGE me or try and tell
me what I should or should not DO.

And I will return the favor. Because
I do not KNOW you either.

Written for dVerse Poets prompt for a spoken word poem. And, yes, I do feel a little better. What a day.



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18 responses to “Tired of IT – A RANT

  1. Nice! I love rants! And they’re a popular form for spoken word because they tell it like it is via the simplest way possible. Great job!

  2. ha…i’m almost a bit intimidated…smiles.. i like how you address the audience personally…a bit agressive as well…would love to hear you read or perform this

  3. I could hear you reading this, Mark. The prompt today definitely fit your frame of mind. I like these spoken word poems, as they appear so personal. And you are right about the judging aspect. People cannot just stand in judgment of people they do not really know; or even if they know them….

  4. Here…here…here, can’t argue with this one! Good stuff!

  5. I didn’t…and I wouldn’t, I swear. 🙂

  6. Excellent – really. I hear you loud and clear and think you should go with this Mark!


  7. This is absolutely splendid, Mark. You should rant more often! (I have a separate blog for my rants!). Judge not that ye be judged…

  8. As rants go, this one is civilised, well constructed, obviously deeply felt and perfectly delivered. It is a rant to make rants respectable. Well done, indeed.

  9. You should make a point of writing when you’re in a mood. The rant mood allowed you to be freer in the run of the poem than your usual style. Nothing wrong with your usual style, but you keep your poems under fairly tight control, yes? This one moves and it does so without any hiccups, or jolts.

    • The ‘stream of consciousness’ approach does have value; just let it run on the page. I do tend to do a lot of editing (translated –thinking too much) as I write. By the time I finish a first draft, it might as well be the 3rd as much as I have changed while writing. I don’t think I even edited this one other than correcting spelling.

      • I know what you mean, Mark. Exactly what I do. When I go back and look at first drafts I wonder how I can transfer the less rigid to a more finished poem. I’m working on it.

  10. Shawna

    Great reminder. We never really know what exactly is going on with someone else, what they’ve experienced, who they are, etc.

  11. how many times a day do you think we make these kinds of judgements about people we see….far too often i would imagine…like the power in the voice you use for this man…

  12. my philosophy, exactly! Great emotion here

  13. No only a rant, but a brilliant one! I may try to memorize this so I can quote it as needed…a perfectly wonderful rant!

  14. ds

    Terrific, honest rant. I could hear it–and you. Well done. Thank you.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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