February Haiku Challenge – 29

We are so often
focused on destination
we miss the journey.


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7 responses to “February Haiku Challenge – 29

  1. magicalmysticalteacher

    May your continuing journey be one of close observation–and frantic haiku scribbling! Best wishes!

    Journey with My Muse

  2. Someone is Special

    beautiful.. and thoughtful.. Thanks Mark.. If you faced any difficulties in linking to the tool on any day then do drop me a mail with link, I shall update them, thanks and glad to have you in the challenge and blessed to read you.. smiles…

  3. Ahh, and the journey is the most important aspect of it all … nicely done and a great final edition for the challenge. It has been a joy to visit you and your creative contributions this past month. In many ways it is difficult to believe the challenge is over, and in other ways, I am glad. 😀 It has been a pleasure. Thank you ~~ Here is my last day … Day 29.

  4. Beautiful message…Thank you Mark for sharing your journey with all of us ~

  5. Yeah, well said, it’s the journey that makes the difference.
    Good to share some of this adventure with you, and hope to read more of your work in the future.

  6. This message is so true. But this journey has been one filled with observation and sharing. Thank you for traveling with us. Your words have been so good to read.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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