Adventure vs. Security




My view is wondrous from
this sheltered forest abode;
clear valley below and distant
frosted mountain peaks.

There are stories I have heard
of a mysterious people that
live beyond that range —
a magical land of legends.

I shall go there some day,
explore this other realm and
delve the secrets they contain
to share with the rest of man.

Or, perhaps, I shall stay and
enjoy my spectacular view —
let others journey that perilous path,
and bring me enchanting tales.

Posted to dVerse Poets.

Photo credit: Reena Walkling



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15 responses to “Adventure vs. Security

  1. Nice choices….I enjoyed the poetic journey through your eyes ~

  2. I like the calming tone in this piece, Mark. My younger years were full of adventure. I’m all about security these days. = )

    That picture was my second choice.

  3. ah i would be on that trail to adventure…and that is exactly what that pic spoke to me when i saw it…nah just the tales would not be enough…great write man….

  4. oh this is so beautiful and picture perfect.

  5. nice…think both has its spell…staying and listening and watching or experiencing them oneself…love how you weave the magic into your verse..

  6. I shall envy you if you do go. For now, your poem is enough. Love it.

  7. My piece of advice….go and have a look yourself 🙂 Nothing better than a life experience.

  8. Shawna

    “let others journey that perilous path,
    and bring me enchanting tales.” … Indeed. Point well delivered; get off your bum, and go exploring. 🙂 We’re going to get doughnuts this morning; does that count?

  9. hedgewitch

    And perhaps it’s just two sides of the same thing–staying and dreaming, going and knowing. I think sometimes the dream is more fun.

  10. I have that feeling of distant, magical lands when viewing the world from mountain tops. Maybe that’s why Zarathustra spent to much time there! I think I’d like to follow his advice and make my own journey there and find my own truth, since we all know where believing others might lead. 🙂

  11. ds

    Is it better to enjoy the view, or explore what’s really out there? Excellent question. Thank you.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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