February Haiku Challenge – 16

The subject matter was ‘sin’ in a Haibun form. I took a rather harsh approach, but maybe not in the direction you would expect.


My sin is my shame,

not for you to pass judgement

but to pray for me.

Will you welcome me in church on the day of my sin? Most tend to think not, and therefore do not come. They fear the harsh judgment of those within and have not been informed correctly of the teachings of Christ. We talk a good game, us Christian folk, but all too often we fail to deliver. Would we wash the feet of the homeless man if he walked through the door on Sunday? Feed many with what we have to multiply? Shall we love the adulteress who confesses her sin, or set upon her with stones? Read the words again and answer the popular question of our time: what would Jesus do?

Hagia Sophia ; Empress Zoë mosaic : Christ Pan...

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Written for The Haiku Challenge 2012 – Day 16 – February 16th – Theme or Word: Sin Form: Haibun


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5 responses to “February Haiku Challenge – 16

  1. I think Jesus has some pretty harsh words for those who “talk the talk,” but who don’t “walk the walk.”

    Wedding Day: Haibun

  2. I think we fail to see what Jesus would really do….the church is for those who are sinners, who are abandoned and are left out….We can learn a lot of Jesus, even until this day. Meaningful take on the prompt ~ I like this ~

  3. Shawna

    I think the church is quick to welcome sinners who are in a place of shame or repentance but not those who are prideful or unwilling to admit their own sin. The latter need prayer and open hands most of all.

  4. I like your take on the prompt Mark..

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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