Conformity for the Birds

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It was Sunday afternoon at the mall. My daughter and I were walking the halls giving my wife some time to shop. As with most children, she was full of questions. When she grew bored with my explanations of products in windows, and my evasions on the subject of scantily clad mannequins, she started noticing people.

“Daddy, why do they dress that way? And do that to their bodies?

“Who are you….? Oh, them.” Managing to stop her finger from pointing right at the group of goth wannabe bad asses. They were the usual harmless teenage crowd with colored hair, piercings and a tattoo or two thrown in here and there.

“Well, they are trying to express their individuality”

“What is indi…indavid… what does that mean?”

“Hmm. They are trying to show that they are unique; different from the crowd; maybe a little rebellious.”

“But,” she said, sounding a little confused. “They all look alike.”


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One response to “Conformity for the Birds

  1. Out of the mouths ….. I used to ask that question when my daughter refused to wear anything except jeans, at a time when jeans were just starting to become the universal garb of the young

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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