The Cemetery

Written for the Flashy Fiction prompt of the below photo. Check out the history of this cemetery (Isla Mujeures); pretty interesting.







Pedro sent most of his days at the Cemetery. Not all day, mind you. He would take time for meals, an afternoon siesta, a beer with friends, mass on Saturday. But most days you could find him there caring for the tombs and building his own.

To him it was a happy place. The white washed and brightly colored tombs shining in the Mexican sun kept it from being a gloomy place of death. He enjoyed his routine as he took care of the graves of his family.

The first thing each day he would leave a kiss for his wife on her headstone and then sit on her tomb and share a coffee while discussing the events of their little community. She always was a gossip and would be upset with him if he left out any detail. He would then tend to all of his family members; he had managed to keep them all fairly close together over the years.

There was his oldest son that had died in a fishing accident forty years ago. Pedro had always been very grateful they were able to recover his body. His daughter was next to his wife, on the opposite side of his own site. She had fallen victim to the fever in ’72; that had been hard for his wife. He often thought she would have succumbed then and joined her daughter if it had not been for the grandchildren.

They were beside their mother. Pedro spent a great deal of time with them, always making sure the bright blue paint was fresh. He would also bring them figurines every week or so that he had carved from driftwood. The closest he ever came to tears was when he would look upon their pictures in the alcove and the angel statues on their headstones.

He was always happy to talk to the tourists that wandered through their grand cemetery. He would explain their customs and answer the questions about the colors and the items in the alcoves. Every once in a while one would ask him why he spent so much time there. His aways answered with a smile.

“Where else should I be? All of my family is here.”


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  1. I think the title of this poem should be “The Survivor”! A very appealing story.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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