Object d’art

Waiting games

Waiting games (Photo credit: adamrhoades)








He studied her form,
natural — comfortable —
in her nakedness.
Sheen of dark hair,
fullness of breast,
the eroticism of eyes
hidden by blindfold.

His drug —
more addictive than
needle and spoon;
causing influx of
tremble of hand.

A love stillborn,
that she would quash
each day at the chime
signaling the end of class;
for he was but a trifling
art student that she never
spared a glance.

Deliberately, slowly, she
would dress each day,
stride from the room.
He would remove his
smeared smock,
pack away his brushes
and follow from a


Written from Shawna’s word list at Rosemary Mint.




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5 responses to “Object d’art

  1. Shawna

    That was very good. You told quite an intriguing story using the “assigned” words. I’m impressed. Poor model; I doubt she had only one distantly-following admirer to contend with.

    I loved the way you worked in the addiction; what a creative use of “spoon”:

    “His drug –
    more addictive than
    needle and spoon”

    Great use of “stillborn” as well. This piece was expertly written, Mark. Nice work. I hope you’ll write another poem or two using this week’s words.

  2. A great way to tell a story in a poem.

  3. Well done. Excellent poem. Fullfilled the challenge nicely.

  4. Janaki Nagaraj

    In the stalker’s mind! nice.

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