Sister Confidential’s Voodoo Shop


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The Dumaine street entrance was for tourist,
bloated on chicory coffee and beignets,
or sloshing hurricanes and searching for AC;
neon signs and the kitschy tools of the trade,
a charm to cajole a lover, belt of chicken’s feet —
all with an inflated sticker for unbelieving customers.

Locals knew to use the back entrance,
where they came to see Sister Confidential.
She performed the rituals just as they asked,
the ancient ones most had forgotten and
few were brave enough to experience.
Through the blur of senses and incense fog she
created visions of destiny and ransacked
the memories of ghost and ancestors.

Passers by could hear the muffled weeping
of the interview aftermath and watch the
unsteady exit of creole faithful —
they would pause for a minute, consider,
then move on with a nervous laugh.


Written for the Sunday Whirl wordle.


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10 responses to “Sister Confidential’s Voodoo Shop

  1. OOOH I have been transported…. Just wonderful 🙂

  2. I had quite forgotten this was a wordle. Brilliant

  3. I agree with Pearl; I was transported to that place. I love “Sister Confidential” and “the muffled weeping / of the interview aftermath”. I still have the scent of her shop in my clothes.


  4. Oh, I could ‘almost’ see all of this. Having visited and stayed with a friend in Louisiana twice and stayed for a few weeks, I got to see quite a bit of New Orleans. My teen also asked me to read a book that was set in New Orleans in the 1800’s too. So, I could ‘see’ all of this so clearly.
    Fabulous write!

  5. Mark, I had to share this with my husband, Len, who provided this week’s words. He is fond of New Orleans, and loved your poem. The imagery is fabulous. Personally, I love the belt of chicken feet. Do you know why chicken feet are used in voodoo practice? I don’t but I am curious what they offer to the ritual.

  6. I love New Orleans, Mark. Thanks for the journey. Nicely done. Congrats on your submission over at d’verse. I well deserved honour.


  7. Haunting, eerie and so sultry! Well done!

  8. Irene

    A lovely setting piece, Mark.

  9. Excellent images and feel of the poem.

  10. was transported to a different place on reading this as others mentioned too.. wonder what i would, do.. give a nervous laugh and move on OR would I dare to venture.. hmm, glad I will never need to know.. 🙂

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