John Smith

Kellie at Magic in the Backyard gave us a Free Write Friday prompt of the following You wake to find yourself in a strange house and you cannot remember your own name. You roll over and see a letter by the bed.

What a headache. Oh no, it has happened again. I open my eyes and look slowly around. I am in a hotel room, cheap by the looks of it, and I have no idea how I got here. Nor do I know who I am, or have any recollection of my life. But, I do know this has happened before. It all feels very familiar.

Ok, get out of bed; start trying to figure this out. An envelope on the nightstand; yes, that would be right. Open it and see? What else am I going to do?

Good Morning,
Your name for the time being is John Smith. This hotel is your home until your mission is completed. It is paid for through Saturday, February 18; today is the 11th.

As per the terms of your contract, call the number on the card in your wallet once the mission is complete. At that time the memories of your life will be restored.

In the top drawer of the nightstand are the details of your mission and
your target. There is a complete dossier of the individual, a map of the local area and his usual movements. There is also a wallet, ID, passport and enough money to get you through the week.

In the second drawer are your weapons, tools and requested items. Clothes are in the closet and dresser. Dispose of all of these items (except the clothes you are wearing, passport and money) upon completion of mission.

Good Luck

Yes, the contract. That seems right. Better get started. Morning business, shower, shave, get dressed; dark jeans, black shoes, black turtleneck, grey sports jacket. Now then, time to check the top drawer.

The mission is the elimination of the President and CEO of Frenetic Industries; the largest manufacturer of military weaponry outside of the US. Quietly, of course, would be preferred. As if I would want to draw attention to myself.

I had been to Krakow before, but it had been a number of years. I had better get reacquainted, see what has changed. I don’t like surprises. Amazing how selective they can be; some memories completely gone, others still intact.

Second drawer of the nightstand. .22 in an ankle holster, left leg; 9mm Browning, waist band in the back under the jacket; .44 in a shoulder harness, reverse draw under the left arm; garrote in left outer jacket packet. No need for the knives today, just looking around. Passport in the inside jacket packet, money folded neatly in front right pants pocket; Juicy Fruit in the left.

Time to go exploring. Tomorrow I will hunt.



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5 responses to “John Smith

  1. You left me wanting more! When do we get to read about tomorrow? The exploring? The hunt? This is a good start, but come on, Mark!
    Nice one! I love the premise of this!

  2. oooooh LOVE the Mission Impossible feel! What a clever use for this prompt! Great job and awesome read today! Thank you, Mark! So happy to have you join us again! xox

    I have tweeted this! 🙂

  3. Creepy. Congratulations on your achievement in the dVerse Poets competition. You must be absolutely thrilled. You have put so much into your poetry come-back.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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