Tony’s Rides

Another flash fiction piece for Flashy Fiction based on the below photo. Keep an eye on them; they are retooling their sight for a Monday re-launch.








He collected things. Not things you and I would consider normal like baseball cards or shells. No, he collected what he would find on his daily rides.

Every day was an adventure for Tony, and he set out on it joyfully. Each morning it was his responsibility to do the shopping; bread from the baker, fish from the docks, greens from the market. It did not vary much, life was fairly simple in his village. He enjoyed the responsibility and took it seriously, but it was the ride he loved.

The old bicycle had been a gift for his twelfth birthday. The accident later that year stopped any further maturing of his brain as the body continued to grow. The first thing that brought him a smile when he could get around again was the bike.

Now he rode every day, rain or shine, stopping whenever something caught his eye. He picked up scraps of paper, broken pieces of pottery, plant trimmings … whatever looked out of the ordinary or out of place. He was fascinated by his findings and loved to show them off.

Everyone loved seeing him coming and they would always ask “What have you found today, Tony?” His perpetual smile would grow even larger and he would show them with pride. His explanations were usually fantastical and unrelated to the objects real purpose. But, when he finished everyone liked his idea better.

Tony collected oddities and friends along his bike paths. What he was remembered for years later when his bike was finally put away were not the things collected, but the joy he spread with them.



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3 responses to “Tony’s Rides

  1. Scriptor Obscura

    You are a great writer! How do you manage to come up with so many things for each of these prompts? I wish that I could think of so many wonderful stories for all of these prompts here like you so eloquently do every time. How do you manage to write such a wonderful piece for each prompt? I could not do it myself so easily and so effortlessly as you seem to do. Most of the time none of these prompts inspire me at all. You must never get writers’ block! Wow.

    • Thank you for your kind words. I wish I knew where they came from; the prompts to me are a ‘anti-writers block’. Almost easier to invent something from what I see or an idea than internal creativity. Sometimes I think I am becoming too dependent on them; need to look for my own prompts. 🙂

      • I have the same fear, that I rely too heavily on prompts. But at least they keep me writing. Your story is charming, and your Tony is very lovable.
        I keep forgetting to visit the Flashy Fiction site.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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