February Haiku Challenge – 6

Observing people
failing to think, leads one to
a sad conclusion –

So many
Descartes was wrong.

Not sure if this in line with the prompt, but it was fun.



Filed under Haiku, Poetry, Poetry - Prompts

7 responses to “February Haiku Challenge – 6

  1. Scriptor Obscura

    I do not think, therefore I am not, eh? Great haiku.

  2. I am but that doesn’t mean I have to think ? You’ve set us a good puzzle here, Mark.

  3. I like this very much, Mark – wit and a certain sadness – a great combination!

  4. And I am laughing out loud–really–at the delightful image you have created! 🙂

    If Cacti Could Think

  5. ha ha.. I loved your word play here.. 🙂

    Someone is Special

  6. Love it–Descartes is always fun to poke fun at 🙂

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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