The Sunday Whirl Wordle

The challenge this week is to use the following words in a Poem. Born, feet, earth, fresh, frozen, serenity, flame, anguish, shocks, field, startles, permeable.




The fresh earth of the field

returns his serenity –

to work the soil, broken at

his feet,

a flame to his

frozen thoughts,

a salve to

anguished heart.


Born to this land,

restored by circumstance;

a plowed row


memory that

shocks his

permeable soul –

tears irrigate a

new life.



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13 responses to “The Sunday Whirl Wordle

  1. Oooooh, I like “tears irrigate a new life”. Splendid wordling.

  2. I would choose the same words Cheryl above chose. “Tears irrigate a new life” is stunning! Pretty fine wordling here.

  3. Hello — I like it. But then the poems of yours I like tend to be the ones that paint a single scene, freeze a story in frame. Granted this one is a scene painted to include particular words, but it reads well.


  4. Minimalist and effective wordling.

  5. I was glad he came back to life, even though through hardship and pain. It’s a very vivid poem, with a sense of ‘being there’ and feeling for the person you talk about.

  6. A farmer at heart? I agree “tears irrigate a new life” is the stunning summary of a very ‘sensational’ wordle.

  7. “a salve to anguished heart” – soothing balm indeed – nice use of the wordle words; a lovely poem filled with imagery and poignancy –

  8. Rebirth through pain…. it’s astonishing what you’ve captured in so few words. I love this piece. Thank you for writing with us at the Whirl.

  9. This was truly fabulous. Amazing that you managed to keep the poem lean with so many words required. And thye flow – mesmerising.

  10. Thank you for the wonderful read 🙂

  11. Nice work…you managed to create a magnificent piece out of all the required words…I love the ending

  12. This is beautiful! Wonderful to read and so full of grace~

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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