Sleeping In

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It is at times
to put off the trappings
of a black and
white world
and remain
in our nakedness,
and oblivious to the
passage of


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14 responses to “Sleeping In

  1. Shawna

    Love this:

    “black and
    white world
    and remain
    in our nakedness,
    and oblivious”

    You might consider removing the word “and” at the end there. I think the impact would be stronger.

  2. I like this candid look at ourself…the best to do at times ~

  3. Well done. I keep trying to ignore the passage of time, but it won’t seem to ignore me…thus I tend to be fashionably late 😉

  4. smiles…yes it is…we all need those times just to be…naked, ourselves…

  5. but only when the heating is on! Lovely simplicity.

  6. Comfortable in our nakedness…beautiful…

  7. kay

    very beautiful take..

  8. comfortable
    in our nakedness…i like that…we need those naked times when all is stripped away and we can just be ourselves..

  9. Doctor FTSE

    A good interpretation, even though I’d question whether she’s comfortable.

  10. very well stated sentiments.

  11. Stripped down to the basics, this poem is sheer wabi sabi. I love it.

  12. lots of colors in this black and white world

    lamb’s wool

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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