poem for my Daughter

She smiled,
my little one,
when she read
my words,
looked at me
and said
“I want that one.”
What was fair,
at best,
was now
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16 responses to “poem for my Daughter

  1. Mark this had me filling up! A really lovely wee poem.

  2. Oh, how sweet… nothing compares, does it?

  3. The image of father and daughter, what is more basic – very compressed. Well done.

  4. nice…thats got to make you feel all warm inside as well…

  5. oh nice…i guess you wrapped a red ribbon around it and gave it to her…words are such precious gifts…and she has realized

  6. Almost perfect, a great poem.

  7. One of life’s greatest moments captured. Some day she’ll treasure this poem.

  8. Oh the truth of this brings tears to my eyes. What sweet moments our children give us. Gorgeous poem, a perfect illistration of how less is more and it doesn’t matter what is said, so much as who is saying it. Thank you for sharing the sweetness.

  9. That is what is most important in life…that poem that is your daughter.

  10. hedgewitch

    Nicely built piece, subtle and showing more than saying…liked it very much.

  11. Shawna

    I love the pausing hangups forced by the commas thrusting me forward and pulling me back HERE:

    “What was fair,
    at best,

    was now”

  12. i agree with this making one feel warm inside

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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