Dance Again

The short version of the WeWritePoemsprompt this week was:

As the Great War drew to a close, a young Englishwoman wrote wearily in her diary, By the end of 1916, every boy I had ever danced with was dead.

Your instruction:  respond to that sentence!

War is brutal – never kind,
boys leave never to return.
Girls wear their yellow ribbons,
pray daily and live in fear;
fear for their soldiers lives;
fear to have hope
to see them again.
The dance halls are empty
for the girls will not dance alone,
All the boys are gone to war.
They cry their tears for all those
that danced there before,
those brave casualties of war.
Shedding them in private,
In the streets all are stoic
until their boys are home from war.
Turn out to greet them!
Wear you best dress and scarf,
wave and cheer for those that return,
pick the one closest, dance in the street
Kiss their cheek,
Hug their neck,
Hold their hands.
Reopen the dance halls!
The girls wish to dance again,
the boys are home from war.
Dance again in joy – never stop,
turn up the music, wear out the floor,
celebrate those that survived the war.
Shed tears in private – never forget
those you danced with before,
brave heros never to return from war.


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2 responses to “Dance Again

  1. The repetition in this poem — of ideas, of words — works very well and gives a rhythmic feel, almost like a dance itself. You also take us through a range of emotions throughout the poem — fear, grief, elation — in its slow unfolding. Well done.


  2. Well thought out…a heart tugging situation for sure.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Siggi in Downeast Maine

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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