In a Crowd

Written for the WeWritePoems prompt for ‘congregate’; what do we do as a community? I guess mine is more of an ‘anti-congregate’ view.

More crowded than ever,

this global community

we have created.

Thousand home neighborhoods,

massive malls, super ‘marts’,


So many more people,

so fewer relationships.

Hundreds of online ‘friends’,

never knowing our neighbors name;

superficial acquaintances rule our circles,

much too busy for personal investment.

More people

more places

more events –

less time

less feeling

less love.

So many within arms reach,

Yet we are often alone in a crowd.


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5 responses to “In a Crowd

  1. Crowds are horrible – claustrophobic to me, which is why I love living in a village, where everyone knows everyone, and our bienniel carneval brings out dedicated but competitive teams of neighbours for the three month preparation of the carneval floats. Your poem sums up a modern city disease very well.

  2. Irene

    I like your rant, Mark.

  3. not crowded here in the mountains…nicely done and thanks for sharing

  4. Yes – I think you’ve summed up very well what many feel but don’t say …

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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