Home – Sunday Wordle

Written for the Sunday Whirl weekly ‘wordle.


He had not been here in some time,

Was thousands of miles away and

Did not witness the flash of fire

That destroyed the thatched roof –

Leaving nothing but a hearth,

Where once there had been a home.

Standing by the gate that led to ruins,

Struggling to control his breathing,

Heart beating like the fluttering of moths,

As he forced himself to grope with the

Memories that lay forgotten in those stones.

Resolve bubbling like anger through his tears,

Decisions made without thought,

He would rebuild a home for his ghosts.



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17 responses to “Home – Sunday Wordle

  1. Another powerful poem about grieving. A tough read, but beautiful.

  2. “He would rebuild a home for his ghosts.” that is a powerful line, Mark.

  3. Really impressive piece.

  4. I could smack you. There, I feel better. I cannot believe you went all those years without writing, and you are this good on starting up. [The smack is for all those years not writing — thank your wife for getting you restarted]
    One thing you do well is to use strong verbs and nouns and to avoid adverbs and vague adjectives. But, there is some other quality. Your poems grip me by the time I am at the fourth or fifth line and don’t let go.


  5. Such a heart-wrenching poem, Mark. It could be the opening scene of a novel about loss and restoration.

  6. I agree with all the above, Mark.

  7. Thank you all for the comments. It was a pleasure to participate.

  8. Excellent piece, Mark. I’m impressed with your ability to weave those words into this piece.

  9. Powerful piece. Good use of the words.

  10. woo how I liked that last line! “He would rebuild a home for his ghosts.” – as others mentioned a kick and then some! made for great reading! cheers

  11. what a wonderful poem! that last line is a clincher!!

    chequered windows

  12. Really impressed with this – superb write!

    Anna :o]

  13. Mark … you may have felt a tugging on you for quite some time now – it is the tiger you have by the tail – you are an excellent writer. Beautiful poem.

  14. The last line is haunting:
    “He would rebuild a home for his ghosts”


Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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