Surrealism exercise

So, Margo Roby’s Tuesday Tryout prompt was for an exercise in surrealism…. Not something I have explored before, but here goes.

Tuesday Nights

The Tuesday special at the Dali Vegan Tavern,
Sports Bar and Burlesque Extravaganza
Was always brussel sprouts flambé,
Prepared table-side by the tuxedoed
Octopus staff and their portable electric eels.
The tiny cabbages instinctually delivered themselves
Each Monday night through the back door mail slot
To begin their marination in rum and pomegranate.
Lines formed early in the alley between the club
And the fenced in wolf pasture next door.
Most cliental being delivered by flying fish taxis
And three wheeled crustacean rickshaws,
All at the mercy of the black bear Maitre D
And his meandering sense of priorities;
Time being somewhat fluid at this establishment.
The sports bar was in the basement and
Featured games in seventy-two HD aquariums
And thirty-six varieties of sea grass smoothies on tap.
Only mature herbivores with character references
Were permitted through the porthole at the top of the stairs
To witness the stage show of toothless carnivores
Shedding their fur under blood red lighting with
A backdrop of waterfalls flowing uphill.


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7 responses to “Surrealism exercise

  1. Okay, you had fun. I couldn’t do this, if I worked for weeks. I’m interested that you said in your comment that this will require some thought. If you mean the poem, think of it as a storyline when you look back over it.

    But, if you mean using surreal elements, something to try [and if this sounds familiar, I wrote this to Pamela], is to take a single surreal image and use it against a real situation, or description. The same would work with two or three images, as if they are metaphors for what is written.


  2. Mark, is this tavern anywhere near Milliways, aka the Restaurant at the End of the Universe? 😉

    Great romp through your imagination, and I wonder if brussels sprouts marinated in rum and pomegranate might actually taste decent…

  3. Mark, I love the scene you’ve created here. I enjoyed this exercise. Mine is a bit on the silly side, but at least I wrote something.


  4. Mark, There is a feeling of Alice through the Looking Glass in your poem, which I found utterly captivating. Being a very down-to-earth person myself, the contrast with my usual style of reading and writing was most liberating and enjoyable.

  5. No shame in this at all. As Vivinfance said, this is full of wonderful imagery. Actually, I’d love to see a picture of it. It was so much fun to read that I almost missed that bloody ending. Delightful. Thanks for visiting and commenting over in the rabbit warren.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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