Fortune Tellers

The banners announcing Christmas Eve services
And open registration for pre-school classes
Were falling from where they had been tied
To the iron fence surrounding the cemetery;
Looking as run down as the greying stones
And leafless trees keeping vigil in the cold.
It must have been someone’s idea of a joke
To put the palm readers business on the
Opposite side of the graveyard from the church;
Though they are in a similar line of work,
With the same inevitable open-grave results.
There are too many lines in my palms
To be accepted as a client of the one –
Too many scars on my soul
To be denied access by the other.
Posted to the dVerse Poets Pub open link night.


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9 responses to “Fortune Tellers

  1. nice, love the starkness and the contrasts!

  2. Love it – how you gather palm readers and church under one banner. The final quatrain is striking.

  3. wow…love that bit on the lines and scars….eh they are in similar business you know…smiles….really well done…

  4. Nice write Mark – too many scars on the soul – I’m sure we all have a feeling of too many scars to be read by one individual 🙂

  5. Nice one…I like the use of the metaphor of the lines in your palm ~

    Great to see you in D’verse ~

  6. Now there’s a contrast! Curious indeed – yet two sides of the same coin, in so many ways. I love those ending lines: “There are too many lines in my palms
    To be accepted as a client of the one –
    Too many scars on my soul
    To be denied access by the other.”
    Man is a complicated creature, his scars, his experiences, far beyond the sanctuary of one, all inclusive answer. There are many paths to take, many interpretations. To think one could satisfy and cure us, is mind-boggling indeed.

  7. Smart play with the words, Poet! Love the images that come to mind as I envision this scene. Your end is the perfect finish…the killing blow, so to speak. Loved it!

  8. Andrew Kreider

    Wow – what a fabulous ending. Really strong! Thanks.

  9. love the ending a lot! very strong 🙂

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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