A couplet, not my favorite form to be sure. That much rhyming against my nature. So, I tried to have fun with it. Posted to the dVerse Poets Pub and to Vitoria Slotto’s Write2Day.

Also to the Imaginary Garden for Laurie’s ‘nonsense’ prompt.

Seeing little people that were not there
At the foot of my bed and the top of the stairs.
Beady, evil, little eyes glowing in the dark,
Demonic, toothy smiles standing out stark.
Fighting, breaking, twirling, swinging, laughing,
Mocking me with behavior most appalling.
Tied down with sheets, raging but helpless,
Straining to fight against ones callous caress.
The cat tossed to the rafters, dog under the bed,
Fish bowl turned over and the bird I fear… is dead.
Curtains torn down, china and crystal broken,
Mayhem unleashed with nary a word spoken.
Fires have been started, smoke alarms blaring,
Bathtub overflowing with water still running.
A cacophony to split nerves and overloaded senses,
These destructive demons and their numerous offenses.
Breaking free of my bindings with a murderous scream –
Surveying my orderly house. Was it just a dream?
Tangled in sheets, bleary eyed as if having just awoke,
Still confused, not sure… Do I smell smoke?
I also have a couple of non-traditional couplets, more in a William Carlos Williams style. Broken, Mistake (second one on this post), Will Work For Food and Ghosts.
Thanks for reading.


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12 responses to “Nightmare

  1. so you went to see the paranormal movie over the break did you? smiles…

  2. Dang. Watch out what you eat/drink before you go to bed! :0) A few weeks ago I awakened to men trying to break into our house but scared them off. Now, a couple of new windows and an alarm system later….Thanks for linking to Write2Day!

  3. You may not like to write in rhyme, but you certainly did it with flair, ingenuity, and aplomb! Well done, I say. Yes, you can draw a proper cow, and now you can do it cubistically! Thank you! Gay

  4. The content suits the form, the writing honest and straight forward. All-in-all, a very enjoyable piece.

  5. lovely story,
    Happy New Year.

  6. This is perfect nonsense, Mark. Thanks for taking part!

  7. This is great! I have to say, it sounds like you’ve had free-ranging goats causing mayhem.

  8. kez

    cool very atmospheric …loved it x

  9. A poetic nightmare, to be sure—very nice nonsense.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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