12/30 Free write Friday

Today’s Free write prompt from Kellie Elmore was: You are young. It’s springtime and you find yourself walking down a dirt road with a cut on your knee… The idea is for ‘stream of thought’ writing; no edits, just get it on paper. Here is what I came up with:


I am not going to hurry to get home. Momma is going to be mad that I tore my jeans…again. I didn’t mean to, we was just playing on the rocks in the creek. I fell when I tried to splash Jimmy back. He fell too, right on his butt! It was funny. I did not even notice the cut until later when it got dirt on it. It stings some, but not too much. Maybe she will overlook the hole because I am hurt. Prob’ly not. She will clean it, put that orange stuff on it that hurts more than the cut. But she won’t forget the tear. Jimmy had to go home for dinner, he was just wet, did not tear his clothes. Lucky. Now I am muddy too, all the gravel is gone from this road leaving nothing but dirt to mix with my wet feet and the bottom of my jeans. Not sure I am going to beat that rain home either. Heard thunder a few minutes ago and the cows are all laying down. Wonder if they would leave me alone if I cut across the field? Last time I had to run from the bull, THAT was scary! Jimmy was on the other side of the fence laughing so hard he fell over. Did not see him try it though; not as brave as me. No way. Maybe I should pick some flowers, those yellow ones are nice. Give those to her first to get her nicer.


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9 responses to “12/30 Free write Friday

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  2. I love it, Mark! As a matter of fact I’m kind of the unknown king of the skint knee. Least I crowned myself as such a few years back. Here’s a little poem I wrote about the subject.

  3. Mark! Oh my gosh! I adore this so much, you have no idea! Being from the country with related memories of getting dirty and tearing my clothes made this all to real. Love the humor and it has left me wanting to hear more about you and Jimmy! Hope you will write for me again! Thank you so much!!!


  4. Having flashbacks of Tom & Huck for some reason while reading this. I like it! =)

  5. it sounds real,wow

    well done story.


  6. Zoe

    This is so cute! You portray the scene beautifully, and very believably. Nice write!

  7. andiekins82

    Wow! This is so cute! I just posted mine and came to read the other stories that were posted and It’s neat how we ended up down a similar path with our fwf prompts, both with the yellow flowers as well to bribe the momma 🙂 I love it! Very expressive writing!

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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