Friday Free Write

This was written for, and posted too, Kellie Elmore’s ‘stream of consciousness’ Friday prompt. Something new for me….


It was one of those summer storms that you could watch coming for you. The oppressive August heat of Georgia made the likelihood of a pop up thunderstorm pretty high; the kind that spring up dark red on radar out of nothingness. This was not one of those. This was one of those that grayed out the horizon in wispy sheets of dark grey gauze that grew thicker, more substantial, as they made their way towards you. The scattered clouds flying before the rain made it seem unnatural. How could it rain? I am standing on my own private island of sunshine with no trace of a shadow. But, it was coming and I was too fascinated to do anything but watch. i have driven through these on the highway before. You can see it ahead of you and it is like driving into a waterfall. It is different when you are standing on the sidewalk seeing it move towards you like a locust storm. Peripherally, I was aware of everyone taking cover, but I did not move. The noise grew as it rapidly drew near and the energy was frenetic. It was like some massive day camp for overly energetic pre-adolescent raindrops. Trancelike, I watched the pavement become magically wet foot by foot as it crossed the street and enveloped me like a crashing ocean wave. Soaked in seconds and feeling beaten by the force of the rain, there was nothing to do but stand there -smiling in awe. The wave of rain passed in mere minutes taking its clouds with it as brilliant sunshine returned. Looking around, everything shined; grass, pavement, cars, mailboxes, trees. The air was heavier and slightly sticky, but it looked as if everything had been scrubbed clean. Dripping, but not unhappy, i resumed my afternoon walk.



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6 responses to “Friday Free Write

  1. ~L

    I was pulled into your story do much I forgot it was 30 degrees out;)

    Loved it! 😉

  2. This is a phenomenal piece! I could see everything happening and smell the rain in the air, even the sound of rumbling thunder took presence. I love when I am taken along with the writer and placed in the very moment as if I were right there. So happy to have you join us this week for FWF and I do hope you will write for me again! Brilliant imagery and altogether amazing piece of work, poet! Bravo!


  3. ah – love me some rain…makes me smile in awe as well long as it is warm…and good to have this own private island of sunshine…enjoyed your stream of consciousness mark…sometimes it’s just good to let the words flow free…

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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