Dawn, Death, Dogs and Cats

Daybreak arrives unnoticed,
Denied presence by dreary drizzle,
Light and sound fog smothered.
The dogs are not bothered,
Alert for their first morning patrol –
Oblivious to the oppressive, musty smell,
Like standing over a freshly opened grave.
Street lights struggle to substitute
For dawns failure to deliver;
Managing only a suppressed orange glow,
While the cat surveys all from the window.
Dry, clean and full of disdain for dogs,
And their petty ideas of dominion.


Posted to the dVerse Poets Meeting at the bar



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11 responses to “Dawn, Death, Dogs and Cats

  1. haha…the cat is a smart one eh…my cats are much the same…and who really has that dominion…smiles…i know my cats would say they do…smiles….

  2. this made me smile… i like dogs a lot – and maybe that’s the reason..they would never be satisfied with watching dry and clean from the window but are always right in the middle of where the action takes place… and be it when dawn fails to deliver…smiles

    • We have three dogs, no cats. The dog/cat contrast was really an afterthought. I had the ‘gloomy morning’ poem running around in my head all day (Thanks to the Atlanta weather), then the prompt popped the cat in there. 🙂
      Thank you for the comments.

  3. do you really think cats disdain dogs?

  4. I enjoyed how you managed light and darkness, with the orange glow standing out, as well as the personification of Dawn, failing to deliver.

  5. Great idea for the contrast prompt, Mark. I’m a dog person, myself, but definitely hold cats in high esteem…and at a distance because of allergies.

  6. Very creative with the cats and dogs battling for dominion ~

    My share: http://everydayamazin.blogspot.com/2011/12/solitary-walk.html

    Nice to meet you at D’verse ~

  7. the animal.. always fascinating.. strong piece

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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