Dream of Flying

Brian Miller at dVerse presents four paintings by Tera Zajack as poetry prompts.

The gulls say it is not so very hard,
for a young girl to fly.
How far can it really be
from cliff face to sky?
When clouds and waves touch
the climb is not so risky,
it  is not really soaring,
when arms are as good as wings.
Mother will not mind us
being gone a little longer,
flying again with the gulls as they
guide us from cliff face to sky.



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13 responses to “Dream of Flying

  1. nice…i always dreamed of flying…what a fantastic dream it was…and you put me right back there…i used to dream that if i just spread my arms the wind would lift me…and no it would not be too far…smiles…great take

  2. love it,
    from a gull’s question to a girl’s dream to fly, perfect when they eventually fly together.

    very impressed by your take, talented and uplifting one.


  3. rosemarymint

    Ha! Sounds quite scary. 🙂

  4. This is just lovely. Thank you so much for your lovely poetry gift!


  5. flying with the gulls sounds magical..nice..

  6. A universal dream reborn. Excellent.

  7. We all have to fly before we die even only in our dreams

  8. it’s very realistic, all dreamy, but still worrying about what her mom would think

  9. Not being a poet, I oogle and aaah over many poetic posts. But, Mark, this captured a piece of my childhood. I had to comment! The innocence almost brought forth a bright blush! Thank you.

  10. Lovely! Simple that is what flying is all about after all…

  11. So… if you rewrote it now? It does have something, even though your voice and direction are so much surer, now. I like the idea and the words do call.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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