Tuesday Tryouts and dverse Poets Pub


Perfectly turned out for Sunday’s affairs,
Meeting Mother’s approval with pressed shirts,
Go-to-meeting hats and linen pants.
Gentlemen of the shore in appearance,
True boys of adventure at heart,
Easily distracted from the after-Church gathering
By immensely more interesting diversions.
The shallows of the shore hold more joy for a
Curious boy than any garden party could dream;
Seabirds, shells and rotting jelly fish,
Schools of small fish and stagnant pools.
Pant legs rolled up ( a past lesson learned),
Shoes discarded before leaving home,
Splashing and searching for stories to tell.
Treasures collected, huddling for inspection of
A bounty of nature destined for their collection.
The shells were perfect, all unbroken,
The two sand dollars worth more than currency,
A crumbling, pungent crab claw that
Mom would never let under her roof.
But the object of greatest amazement,
And of intense interest to the cat,
Was the live hermit crab and his portable house.

Written in response to Margo Roby’s posting of a Winslow Homer painting in her Tuesday Tryouts. Also being posted to the dVerse Poets Pub’s Open Link Night. Check them out.


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9 responses to “Tuesday Tryouts and dverse Poets Pub

  1. Laurie Kolp

    Don’t tell me the crab got loose in the house! Reminds me of the time my boys brought a baby turtle inside and put it in a bowl. It escaped. We thought our dogs had gotten it until a week later it showed up in the middle of our den.

  2. ha i bet the cat had a blast with that….we brought live crabs home once and let the cat at one…it was indeed a funny sight…nice capture in your words tonight

  3. so nice…love the bit of snapshot from an adventurous boy’s life.. made me smile and brought back some childhood memories..smiles..thanks

  4. thats a great ending – V cool – a real taste of something good 😉

  5. This is so delightful…reminds me of the time my sister and I gathered shells and put them in the bathtub of our hotel room. We had no idea they housed live critters. It was a fragrant experience.

  6. You remember childhood well [not that you are that far from it]. Boy runs all the way through the poem, so that I kept grinning thinking of my son, and of the students I have taught. Delightful. And, so many details which gives the poem as many things to look at, as the painting.


Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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