Focus on the light,
Force it to change, red to green,
Motivated by the impatient might
Of your uncomfortable will.
            Will Work For Food!
            barely legible against old flimsy cardboard
            torn from a discarded box
            retrieved from an unsecured dumpster
Torturing your peripheral vision,
Look down quickly, avoid eye contact.
There is nothing to see, no need for decision…
Ignore the reality moving closer to your window
            Please Help
            dispiritedly held by unclean hands
            dirt under fingernails, smeared on forehead
            like a paste holding the whole thing together
Survey the backseat, fumble with the mirror,
Pretend to search, with no intent to find.
Squirm, fidget, the solid apparition in the cold appears bolder.
Pulse racing relief; light changed! Escape from anticipated guilt.
            My Kids Are Hungry. God Bless!
            lost, tired expression… ashamed.
            slowly shuffling back to his post; humiliation rewind.
            confused by the fish symbols moving rapidly away.
Pull away quickly, dare not to look back,
Dread the glimmer of recognition:
Remembering a previously followed track…
A future not fully denied.

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Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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