While You Were Gone

Leaves changed and then fell.

Not till you returned did

I think to notice.


While You Were Away
Lonely is not the right word –
Lost, bewildered, bored, pining,
The passage of time beyond understanding.
Watching out the window,
Waiting for just the right car.
I would sleep for a time, then
Wake and wonder where you were;
Sniffing at the door over and over,
Spending some time on the couch, bed, chair –
I did chew up that shoe…I need a toy.
The house was well protected,
Everything that passed our yard
Recognized and feared my ferocious warnings.
Your return will be met with great joy,
Leaving me alone is forgiven and forgotten
By kind words and a gentle touch.

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Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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