Tell Me a Story

The Poetic Asides day 28 prompt was for a ‘_______ Story” poem. Apparently I had a couple of stories in me.

In Progress Story

Hair thinning,
Thinned, actually,
Chins multiplying;
Playing hell at the gym
Trying to reverse the course.
(As a matter of opinion,
All personal trainers are evil)
Wife still forgiving and seeking
My worth as a husband;
And becoming a greater object
Of my affection for the effort.
Children growing like deep south kudzu –
What happened to the babies?
Running the race daily; Work, bills
School, track, gym, homework, dinner….
No finish line and no medals.
The reward being the rare time,
Together as family, no distractions,
Bundled under the blanket,
Competing with dogs for couch position as
We wind down from the weary day.
Tonight we will lay down – exhausted,
Praying we are granted another tomorrow.

 © Mark Windham 2011

A Mistake Story

Just coffee, safe
Hand holding at
Dinner next time,
Open door to
Clothes strewn quickly
On floor
Next day empty,
Confused by the
© Mark Windham 2011


A WallyWorld Story

Demolition derby disguised as a parking lot,
Handicapped spaces full of those that are
Apparently not – looking to be door rushing fine.
Holiday cheer begins and ends with the
Salvation army bell ringer.
The counting game of the day is
Piercings and butt cracks.
Obese children abound, along with an
Overabundance of camouflage on
Hats, pants, coats and boots.
Skin tight clothes covering well rounded
Bellies and over-inflated butts,
Pajama bottoms and hoodies also prevalent –
Oh! Butt crack number four, on a roll!
And …. THAT is just beyond description.
Babies with babies, parents loaded with piercings,
Hair of all colors and skin covered with ink.
Checking out a communications adventure
With cashiers of questionable language skills.
Characters worthy of Carroll or Seuss,
An adventure in fantasy, horror and reality.
© Mark Windham 2011

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Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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