The day eight Poetic Asides prompt was for a ‘Paranormal’ poem. This one is my first attempt at a prose poem; a form I am still not sure I fully understand.

In The Mists
The forest mists were thick and clinging, like pushing through diaphanous spiderwebs. The underbrush
grabs at ankles and leaves stinging scratches and punctures in shins. The full moon over the canopy
barely penetrates, darkness being possessive of its domain. Entering into the clearing as the mist clears
and reveals a scene of quiet carnage. Puddles of moonlight litter the ground, the air rank with smells of fear,
rage and death. Figures of three immense creatures, wolf-like, savage, dead, lay steaming on the clearing
floor; none being reached by light, as if repelled by it even in death. Collapsed against a tree at the edge of
the scene, bathed in a faint light, the victor of this mayhem; man-like, but larger, still holding it’s gore-
stained white sword. Gravely wounded, gashes across chest, arms and brow; one wing hanging
decimated as the other attempts to conceal the naked infant cradled in his left arm. The sleeping child
begins to squirm, preparing itself to wake and wail, as the light fades and blood from the dying Angel drips
softly upon its chest.

© Mark Windham 2011


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  1. Needless to say…the formatting did not transfer well. Blog post a little too narrow.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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