Love … or not

The day 15 Poetic Asides prompt was for a Love poem and/or an anti-love poem. I thought this one had both.


My little girl wanted us to read
The Little Matchstick Girl
From her book of children’s tales.
I could tell from watching her face,
As the story began to unfold,
That they were coming – questions.

“Daddy, why doesn’t she have a coat?”
“Why isn’t she home after dark?”
“Why, Daddy, would her Daddy beat her
just for not selling matches?”
“Why isn’t anyone helping her?”
“Why did she die, Daddy?
Didn’t anyone lover her?”

I held her close,
And gave her the only answer I had.
“I don’t know, baby.
I just don’t know….”

© Mark Windham 2011

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Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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