A Different Perspective

Will Work For Food

I despise this

and all that it

tired of gas fumes

cold, heat and spare

mostly, I hate

you go to great

to avoid my

© Mark Windham 2011

Posted to We Write Poems.


Filed under Poetry - Prompts

7 responses to “A Different Perspective

  1. I have often had the same feeling. I particularly find odious the “I’m a Vietnam Vet.” I am, but would never defile the honor of those with whom I served by using my time in service to my country to beg on a corner. Some times society opens the door to this behavior whether genuine or not. It does make me uncomfortable and the same time sad for the human condition that has cause the situation. Thanks for an impactful piece.

  2. Uncomfortable, yes, but I hope not ungenerous!

  3. Your piece raises some important questions. How do we deal with the discomfort inside when we see people begging on street corners? Who is responsible for their plight? What more can or should we do? What causes some to be rich and some to be desperately poor? These are questions with no easy answers. Thank you for taking us inside the mind of someone in that plight.


  4. Excellent view of the ones in those situations, Mark.


  5. Irene

    Brief & impactful.

  6. love this poem…from this perspective…..thanks for sharing your words

  7. This does apply to the prompt. One real first step in understanding in genuine empathy, is not making less, no matter how slight, of another’s place and life. How they see it, feel it, is truth from where they stand. It is generous to allow that to speak. And this poem does that well.


Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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